BSP Online Plus

What is BSP Online Plus?
An internet based service that gives you access to your bank accounts; and enables you to conduct transactions from your accounts, 24/7, from your smartphone, tablet or computer.


BSP Online Plus is safe and secure. The security elements include data encryption technology, automatic time-outs when idle and the use of one time passcode (OTP) for key functions.

Additionally, all your banking transactions are never stored on the device.

With BSP Online Plus you can:

  1. Check and view balances and transactions in any of your linked accounts including your primary/salary account, savings, cheque, loans, deposit and foreign currency accounts (with BSP Fiji). You can also download and/or print these.  At this stage credit card accounts are not included.
  2. Transfer money to any of your accounts or any other person's accounts in any bank in Fiji.  You can set these up yourself. Watch TV Commercial
  3. Pay bills and/or schedule these payments to be made at fixed times.  These include loan repayments and payments to other creditors.  You can set up these billers yourself. Watch TV Commercial
  4. Top up your or other person's mobile phones and data devices across any network. Watch TV Commercial
  5. Perform foreign currency transactions (option not on smartphones, only on tablets and computers).  Transactions you can perform are:
    • Transfer money from your foreign currency account to your local account. However, you cannot transfer from your local account to your foreign currency account as per Reserve Bank of Fiji Exchange Control Regulations.
    • Payment transfers to foreign currency accounts of a third party within BSP.
    • Payment transfers to foreign currency accounts with a local bank or an overseas bank.

As part of this enhancement in BSP's Online Banking solutions, you can also access this service using a mobile application named BSP Fiji Mobile Banking. 

How to set up the app on your smartphone or tablet:

  1. Register for internet banking at your nearest branch to receive your username and temporary password.
  2. Download the BSP Fiji Mobile Banking app:
    • For Android device, go to Google Play Store.
    • For Apple device, go to Apple App Store.
  3. Login:
    • If you are using internet banking for the first time, you will login using your username and temporary password. The system will then prompt you to reset/ change your password.

    • Once your password is successfully changed, the system automatically logs you out.

    • Login using your new password and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  4. Start your banking.

 Click on one of the links below to view or download:

  • BSP Online Plus Quick Guide   A condensed version of the full guide for the frequently used functions.
  • BSP Online Plus User Guide   This is the full user guide listing all the functionalities. (This is an interactive document. Please click on the subject that you need assistance with from the Table of Contents and it will take you directly to the relevant page.)
  • BSP Banking Services Fees Brochure  This has the fees applicable for each of the services.