EasySaver is an electronic savings account with attractive incentives designed for serious savers. For as low as $10, you can open an EasySaver Account, either as an individual or joint account.


You can enjoy the following benefits if you own an EasySaver Account:

  • One free electronic withdrawal per month is allowed, thereafter, a $5 withdrawal fee and relevant electronic transaction fee will apply.
  • There is no service fee charged.
  • Offers an incentive of a conditional bonus interest.
  • Convenient access to your account via multiple electronic channels.

Base Interest\

Earn base interest of 0.25% on all balances.

Bonus Interest

Earn bonus interest of 1.50% per annum in addition to the base interest if:

  • Your monthly balance is between $10 and $200,000.
  • There are no withdrawals from the account within the month.
  • There is a minimum of one deposit of at least $10 in the month.

If you meet the three conditions above, you will earn a total interest of 1.75% per annum.

How to set up an Account

Please refer to the Personal Bank Account Opening Requirements for details on how to open an EasySaver Account.

For more information, call BSP Customer Care on 132 888 or (679) 3214 300, send your query through the Contact Us page or enquire at your nearest BSP branch.



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