Changes to Exchange Control Limits

The Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF) has made changes to Fiji's exchange control limits effective 2 April 2020, under its regulatory authority exercised and administered under the Exchange Control Act.  Therefore, Reserve Bank approval must be obtained for all payments above the Delegated Limit and applications (except Debit Card and Insurance Payments) can be lodged online:

Exchange Control Limit Changes

Type of Payment

New Delegated Limit for Offshore Transactions

Mastercard Payment


FJ$5 000 per month


FJ$10 000 per card per month

Cash drawing

FJ$1 500 per month

Visa Debit Card Usage

FJ$2 000  per month

Medical Expenses paid directly to the Medical Institution   

Up to FJ$100 000 per medical treatment

Medical Expenses paid directly to the patient/nominee   

Up to FJ$50 000 per treatment

Detailed information is available at this RBF website link.

Breaches to limits

Please take not of these guidelines as the Bank is mandated to report any breach to the RBF and this may result in cards being blocked from any further purchasing/spending until RBF clearance/approval is obtained. If you are likely to exceed these limits please seek prior approval from RBF.  We can lodge this on your behalf once you provide us with the required supporting documents at any BSP branch.  

We advise our valued customers to review these changes to exchange control limits and please talk to a relationship manager for any further queries or visit a BSP branch near you.