BSP Supports National Retirement Outlook

Date: Friday 27 April 2018

Fiji's leading financial services provider, BSP has commended the organisers of this year's Retirement Expo saying it will go a long way in improving the National Retirement Outlook.

"Our commitment to Fiji and the Pacific goes beyond banking.  Our participation at this expo demonstrates our support for the future financial security of all citizens," said BSP Country Manager Mr Kevin McCarthy.  "Our customers trust us with their savings, income and wealth throughout their working career and so it makes sense that we help safeguard their retirement welfare."

BSP had two separate booths at the event providing Banking solutions at one and Life & Health Insurance in the other.  "Both are critical services and require a dedicated space to guide people with making wise choices today for a better future.  Customers appreciate our focused service delivery."

FNPF recently revealed that a large number of their members retire with low balances that leave them with pensions below the poverty line.

"Early in your working life it is important that you get the right financial advice and plan for each of the key milestones in your life.  We have the full range of products and highly trained staff to be able to help you.  The time to act is now," added Mr McCarthy.

The FNPF Retirement Expo draws to a close at 1.30pm tomorrow at Suva's FNPF Downtown Boulevard.