Security Tops Checklist for Investment in Term Deposits

Date: Saturday 1 April 2017

A term deposit is an account held by a bank or financial institution in your name, for a period of time that you choose. Usually that time can be selected from terms between one month and five years. 

To begin investing in a Term Deposit, you must make an initial cash injection and choose your term wisely. Putting your money in a bank, with a Term Deposit, is always the best option because it comes with the security of guaranteed returns. You must be comfortable and aware of the underlying risks associated with the institution you are investing in.  The consideration must be about much more than just rates. 


In all assessments made by investors, security always ranks highly in the list of items to check.    

At BSP, interest is calculated on a daily basis and interest paid six monthly or annually. Valued customers enjoy the flexibility of opting to receive interest payments 6 monthly, annually or at maturity.  

The interest rate confirmed for a BSP Term Deposit is fixed throughout the term of your investment, no matter what changes may be occurring in the market rates. Once you have made the commitment to a term, you cannot access your funds or add funds to the initial deposit.  


For Term Deposits, any premature withdrawal, entails a penalty that could compromise your anticipated returns.  Due to this risk, it's always best to talk to the right people who have the experience and are backed by a trusted brand and organisation.

BSP is the Pacific's leading bank with a strong financial standing that gives you peace of mind.  With over 140 years' experience in Fiji complemented by staff who are highly trained and attuned to the needs of customers, your investment is safe with BSP.

Words of advice regarding investing in term deposits:       

  • A higher interest rate offered, is not the only consideration. Each institution has different levels of risk and dependant on that risk, the institution may need to pay a higher rate to attract term deposits.
  • Always take time to talk to the right people who have the experience and are backed by a trusted brand and organisation.  BSP is the Pacific's leading bank with great rates so you can make your money work better for you.  
  • If you don't want to "change" banks, there is no harm in exploring the idea of redirecting, a portion of your savings to a Bank that offers you the better return on Term Deposits. 

Should you be interested in finding out more about how you can invest in a BSP Term Deposit, call the Customer Care Centre on  132 888.