More switching to BSP

Date: Monday 31 July 2017

Fiji's leading financial services provider, BSP has announced that in recent weeks, a significant number of individuals have begun the process of switching to BSP.  

The Bank has confirmed that over 500 customers expressed an interest to switch to BSP in the last 4 Saturdays during its Personal Loan promotion. Customers who applied for $5,000 or less would receive decisions instantaneously.

"While this offer was specially designed to offer our existing customers a better response time on their loan applications, we are delighted that other Bank customers have opted to join in," confirmed GM Retail Banking Mr Ravindra Singh.

BSP reintroduced its popular customer offer of delivering instant approvals on loan applications for less than or equal to $5,000 which is a service standard available exclusively with BSP at this point in time.


For an existing customer lodging a BSP Personal Loan application they are required to submit an employment confirmation letter and a recent payslip for assessment.

On the hand, other Bank customers are required to submit the above items and a 12 month bank statement of their salary accounts and 3 months statements for any other liabilities that they may look to refinance with BSP.

Approved applications will then require the customer to open a BSP account and work on redirecting their salary there before accessing their loan funds.

"Despite the requirements expected of other Bank customers, we welcome their commitment to follow through and this speaks volumes of their desire to make the switch voluntarily," said Mr Singh. "Our highly trained staff work very closely with them as they go about making the necessary arrangements."

The growing number of customers making the switch to BSP is testament to the obvious demand for fast, convenient and always open banking service demonstrated by BSP through its 24 hour Customer Care Centre, SMS Banking delivered via mobiles, Online Banking, ATMs and EFTPoS strategically placed in locations across the country.

"We have one more Saturday of nationwide opening and we are expecting to see an even higher number of customers taking advantage of this promotion," said Mr Singh. 

This is the final Saturday for this Bank promotion and to find out more about how you can benefit from the offer, simply call the Customer Care Centre on 132 888.