BSP makes car ownership simple

Date: Saturday 29 April 2017

Whether you are young and making your first investment in buying a car or at point in your career, where you can comfortably afford to upgrade to a new and better type of car for yourself or your family, the process of finding the right financier could be difficult without the right help.  

That's why at BSP, our priority is to make buying a new or second hand car as easy and as simple as possible for our valued customers.

Personal banking services

Whenever a customer contacts BSP, either at a branch or through a call to our 24hour customer care centre team on 132 888, highly trained, experienced and friendly staff are eagerly waiting to assist.

You will be connected to a Personal Banker who is your "go to" person for any loan, from personal, car to home loans. BSP personal bankers have nurtured banking relationships with customers from their first job through to eventually growing their wealth with an asset such as a home, piece of land or a motor vehicle.

BSP car loan offer

BSP strives to offer real banking solutions for our customers through tailor made loan offers that suit their lifestyle. 

While we require a minimum of 10% contribution to be able to finance a new car, each customer profile and their credit history with the bank will further determine any relaxation to these requirements. 

Decisions are made in good faith and customers have stayed with us for these reasons and more.

BSP loan customers also have the added benefit of taking up a joint borrower option, in house insurance arrangements, quick credit decisions and above all, help from their personal banker every step of the way.

Depending on the car you are choosing to buy, below are some guidelines:

Motor Vehicle Category

(% of purchase price)

Maximum term of loan

Brand New Motor Vehicle


5 years

Unregistered Second Hand Motor Vehicle less than 10yrs from date of manufacture


5 years

Second Hand Motor Vehicle less than 5yrs from date of manufacture


4 years

Second Hand Motor Vehicle more than 5yrs but less than 10yrs from date of manufacture


4 year

To qualify for a BSP car loan, you must have your salary directed to your BSP account, be above 21years of age, possess a good credit history and demonstrate ability to repay your debt.  Please call 132 888 for more information or visit