BSP assists MOH Water & Sanitation Program

In a Community Project to assist the people of Taveuni, BSP partnered with Rotary

Date: Friday 31 March 2017

In a Community Project to assist the people of Taveuni, BSP partnered with Rotary to install a backup water supply system for the Taveuni Hospital. 

In moving a sincere gratification speech, the Senior Divisional Medical Officer Dr Alumita Vuakanasakea thanked all stakeholders involved in their Water & Sanitation Program on the island including BSP and Rotary attributing these efforts to the significant drop in the number of reported typhoid and leptospirosis cases and other non-communicable diseases caused by poor water & sanitation.


The BSP and Rotary project included four water tanks installed with each unit having a separate filtration tank.  To direct water from the natural spring water source, pipes were also installed which enabled many households along its path to gain the same access to quality and clean drinking water.

Speaking at the official handover, BSP Country Manager Mr Kevin McCarthy reaffirmed that BSP's support is much more than just financials.  "Our staff commit their own personal sweat equity to each Community Project and here in Taveuni, our staff volunteered with clearing the area in preparation for the water tank installation."


"I was pleasantly surprised to learn that other settlements apart from just this hospital are able to access clean drinking water as a result of the water infrastructure we have installed to support this back up water supply system," said Mr McCarthy.


Prior to this project, the hospital would be without clean water when there was heavy rain and they battled with unclean water supply following the rains.


BSP has committed over $2 million dollars towards Community Projects since entering Fiji. This Taveuni backup water supply project brings to eleven, the total number of water tanks donated by BSP to assist with water supply in communities throughout the country.