BSP Invests $5M in Fiji and Go Green

Date: Tuesday 13 June 2017

The BSP Fiji Group, consisting of the Bank, BSP Life and BSP Finance, has invested $5M into community development assistance which include supporting activities that help save the environment since 2010.  

Acting BSP Country Manager Mr Ravindra Singh who also reaffirmed the Groups' commitment to helping Fiji grow in much more than just financial security said "we are committed to inspiring people to help save their environment through real action in line with our long standing Go Green Program.  As a Pacific Bank, we identify with our customers and are passionate about conserving the environment.  After all, we all face the same environmental risks and therefore must take on the responsibility of conservation and protection."


Since entering Fiji, the BSP Group has invested heavily in community and vanua driven initiatives that help shape the way we do business in the communities we serve.  "We are delighted that our Go Green programs align well with the Government of Fiji's commitment to the global environmental agenda and we acknowledge the positive impact this will have on our Pacific Islands," reaffirmed Mr Singh.

This year, BSP has partnered with various like-minded organisations and community groups across the country to protect our environment; both land and marine resources.