BSP Financial Inclusion efforts go beyond literacy

Date: Tuesday 19 September 2017

The confidence of the Fijian people in BSP's electronic banking services available at Post Fiji outlets around the country has grown exponentially since it was first established in 2013.  


BSP Country Manager Mr Kevin McCarthy confirmed that since 2013, the Bank in partnership with Post Fiji have successfully migrated almost all rural based BSP account holders to electronic banking services. An exercise, the Bank has deemed necessary if these customers are to receive a holistic financial solution.

"We could not have achieved this success without the commitment from Post Fiji's board & management which was shared by Post Masters and Post Mistresses across the country," said Mr McCarthy.  "Training Post Fiji staff and empowering them with our trusted technology to deliver state of the art banking through EFTPoS, SMS and Online Banking has eventuated in this positive outcome." 

In 2013, less than 15% of BSP services at Post Fiji was done using modern electronic banking services.  Mr McCarthy has confirmed that a joint effort with Post Fiji to educate and facilitate electronic banking sign-ups for rural residents has enabled the transition from manual to electronic banking services.

"This year, we are delighted to report that over 95% of BSP banking transactions facilitated at Post Fiji outlets throughout rural Fiji, is done so using BSP EFTPoS," he confirmed.   "This means that rural customers can deposit or withdraw at any Post Fiji outlet.  Using SMS or Online banking, they can check their balance, pay bills, top up mobiles and transfer funds to others."

While the effort to deliver financial literacy workshops continues in earnest throughout the country, BSP is adamant that those taking up BSP services are being offered much more than just education.

"We have invested in the deployment of state of the art services that empower these individuals to put their financial education to good practice.  We are delighted to note the increase in account holders taking advantage of our services to save their hard earned income and withdraw cash," he reiterated.  "We will continue to drive our rural visits in collaboration with like-minded organisations looking to open Bank accounts for Fiji's rural residents and issue debit cards instantly so they can connect to our Bank right away."

To take advantage of BSP's rural banking services available through Post Fiji, call our 24 hour customer care line on 132 888 or simply visit any rural post office.