BSP Enhances Fiji’s Affordable Housing Experience

Date: Tuesday 6 June 2017

Thousands of Housing Authority and Public Rental Board residents across the country can enjoy the potential benefit of BSP's SMS Banking Billpay Services.  

The Banks' long standing partnership with these two leading providers of affordable housing solutions has enabled residents to simply pay their rent and most of their essential bills using their mobile phones anytime; day or night.   

Dialling *277# opens the doors to a whole suite of BSP banking services that empowers these hardworking individuals to either check their account balance, transaction history, transfer funds, top up their own or another mobile and make bill payments including credit cards.  The service is available to the members of the public who opt to join BSP.

GM Retail Banking Mr Ravindra Singh acknowledged the financial pressures being endured by these residents who also have demanding work commitments that leave them with almost no time to attend to payments.

"We commend the contribution they make to nation building and we are delighted to give back to them through a facility that enables them to meet their commitments that are critical to their family's well-being," said Mr Singh.

Defaulting customers continue to be a challenge for our Billpay partners and the Bank is now encouraging the general public to call the 24hour Customer Care Centre on 132 888 to register for this service. 

To enjoy this facility, you must have a BSP account and have registered your mobile and payment details with the bank. You can also speak to any registered BSP Biller about how you can use this facility.

"We understand the nightmares and embarrassment associated with returning home to a power black-out as a result of late bill payments. We encourage people to call us and enquire about how this service and others offered by BSP, can avoid this from ever happening again," Mr Singh advised. 

BSP SMS Banking Service features can be viewed by dialling *277#

BSP was first, in Fiji, to introduce this Banking Service delivered via mobiles in 2009 and is the only bank to offer 24hour back up service through its Customer Care Centre.