POMSOX ANNOUNCEMENT - Bank of South Pacific Limited

Date: Wednesday 9 March 2016

Bank of South Pacific Limited (BSP) wishes to advise that in response to shareholder concerns about the quoted share price of BSP stock not fully reflecting its value, the Board is exploring initiatives to potentially improve liquidity in the shares of BSP. There is no assurance that any transaction will materialise from such initiatives. 

The Board will keep you informed of any material developments.

In this regard, BSP gives notice that as at the date of this notice:

(a)      BSP has complied with its financial reporting obligations under Part XI of the Companies Act 1997;

(b)      BSP is in compliance with POMSOX Listing Rule 3.1; and 

(c)      there is no information that has been excluded by BSP from a continuous disclosure notice in accordance with the POMSOX Listing Rules.



Sir Kostas Constantinou, OBE

Group Chairman | Bank of South Pacific Ltd