Fiji’s Small Business Operators receive attention from BSP

Date: Wednesday 16 October 2016

Gone are the days when small to medium enterprises had to struggle to find suitable banking services in Fiji.  "BSP's Smart Business product suite offers a great banking package for small businesses," said BSP Country Manager Mr Kevin McCarthy.

BSP will be conducting roadshows from tomorrow in the Central, Western and Northern division with a view to deliver a total financial solution for small businesses.

"Talk to our Smart Business team about opening an appropriate saving and operational account to suit your business.  You can also apply for that much needed loan that can lift your business performance to the next level," added Mr McCarthy. "The two key criteria for you to qualify is to have a BSP Smart Business account and to show a good record of how revenue is generated and deposited regularly over 12 months."

In the Central division, the roadshow team will be based at the Suva Flea Market on Thursday and Friday (20-21 October) before relocating to the Contain Yourself Market on Stinson Parade. In the West, the team will be based at the Lautoka Municipal market from Thursday to Saturday (20 - 22 October). 

The team will be available from 9am to 4pm on the above mentioned dates and locations.  

Before visiting the team, all small to medium business operators must bring along their personal valid photo ID with a Tax ID and a current or valid Business Licence with a Business Tax ID.

"I encourage you to present a proven track record and this can either be in the form of a bank statement showing regular deposits of your business earnings over 12 months," said Mr McCarthy.

The roadshow will also feature Insurance advisors, account opening and loan services for general banking customers who may wish to apply for a Car Loan, Home Loan or EasyUnsecured Personal Loan.  To apply, please present a recent payslip, a confirmation letter of employment and a 12 month bank statement if you are with another Bank.

"We thank the local municipalities for their continued support as we deliver this much needed service to more of Fiji's critical growth partners such as small business operators," acknowledged Mr McCarthy.

For more information on the BSP Smart Business Roadshow, please call BSP's 24 hour Customer Care Centre on 132 888.