Fiji’s SMS Banking Pioneer delivers convenience

Date: Saturday 1 October 2016

When Akuila Curuki, a 64year old farmer first heard of BSP Banking service delivered via mobile phones, he still could not fathom how that would all work and the benefits for him.

For all he knew, banking your money while staying in the village was too far-fetched because of the distance and also the painstaking task of getting to a Bank.

"What BSP has brought now for us farmers here is really great, we can now bank our money and use our phones to keep track of our own money,'' commended Mr Curuki.

There are thousands of other farmers in the cane belt areas of the West and residents who travel a great distance to get to BSP.  With the great inroads being made by the bank in the rural areas, SMS Banking has become the perfect vehicle for our registered customers.

This connection established through a reliable mobile phone based banking service is definitely changing lives.

SMS banking delivers convenience and breaks barriers to financial services.

BSP's SMS banking services has certainly established its position as an accepted medium of payment for BSP's customers and the 44 corporate organizations that have signed up as official Billers. 

Since its inception in 2010, the number of BSP customers that have subscribed to this service has grown exponentially. It shows that when it comes to easy and convenient self-help banking services, people choose BSP's SMS Banking.

According to the Bank, the most popular services being accessed by customers who dial *277# are Top Up, Balance Enquiry and customers searching for their most recent transaction history. 

BSP SMS banking is an electronic banking service that is available to BSP Customers who have had their mobile phones registered with the bank anywhere in Fiji.

To register, a customer must call 132 888 any time day or night.

There are 5 services available on SMS Banking which include;

  1. Account balance: to check account balances
  2. Transactions: to check recent transaction history or activity
  3. Transfer: to transfer funds between BSP nominated accounts
  4. Top Up: to top up any pre-registered mobile number
  5. Pay Bills: to pay any pre-registered billers such as FEA, National Water Authority


Customers simply dial *277# to access the services available.