Back to School boost for the children of Nuku

Date: 24 January 2017

A school in the interior of Serua received a boost from BSP and Save the Children Fiji yesterday when they received a donation of much needed school supplies.  Nuku Primary School located 25 kilometres, caters for 100 children from surrounding villages namely; Naimasimasi, Masi, Melia and Wainikai village.

School Head Teacher, Ms Rita Leleravulolo, had made the pilgrimage to Save the Children Fiji early this year in an effort to secure assistance for basic school stationary packs for 55 children under her care that were identified as most in need.    This demonstrated care and commitment for the welfare of children which inspired action from Save the Children Fiji. 

Save the Children Fiji CEO, Iris Low - McKenzie, said "as soon as I received this request I felt that BSP was the right organization to ask for assistance.  I put in a request and, without hesitation, they offered assistance.  They were our partners after TC Winston in a similar project, getting 400 children back to school and they continue to share this vision."

 "We are very grateful for the donation received today and I am excited that this will improve our school attendance," mentioned Mrs Leleravulolo. "When I visited some of the children who have not returned to school this year, their parents explained that they were not able to buy the school books and basic stationery yet.  I was deeply concerned that the children were missing out on the gift of education and the improvements in life that it can bring, thus the appeal to Save the Children Fiji."

BSP Head of Marketing Nirdesh Singh reiterated BSP's support for child empowerment programs. "The BSP brand promise is to give back to the communities in which we serve and partnering with Save the Children Fiji enables us to make meaningful contributions to the most needy like the isolated school in Nuku," he said.

"The 45 minutes ride on some really rugged road off the Queens highway at Galoa towards the centre of Viti Levu was rough.  We were blessed to be surrounded by beautiful foliage and scenic views across several hills and gullies.  Sometimes we had to slow down to figure out which part of the road suited our vehicle and how to get past the log laden mahogany trucks!  It was indeed humbling to see the looks on children's faces when they saw what we brought.  In the urban centres the children are into technology.  Here they have very limited power supply.  Mobile phone connectivity is not taken for granted.  It is so irregular that you have to be at the right spot at the right time to be contactable. "

The educational packs included: a school bag, books and stationeries. So that no student was left out BSP gave the other children stationery packs and confectionery.  The school also received a pack of sports balls.    The teachers and elders were also gifted sulus and caps. 

SCF confirmed that since the start of this year, assistance has been given to 165 children and requests continue to come in.