BSP’s Relief Assistance Goes North

Date: Thursday 4 March 2016

Most of the cyclone impacted villages and settlements in Savusavu and Taveuni received food relief assistance from BSP this week.

Feedback gathered from the Northern branch managers was that food was in short supply for residents that faced the brunt of Cyclone Winston.  The committee immediately loaded two 3 tonne trucks with emergency rations and got them on-board the first ship bound for both Savusavu and Taveuni on Monday.

These food relief rations contained an assortment of everyday food items; flour, rice, sugar, a bucket of biscuits, tea, cocoa, milk, noodles, canned fish, yeast, baking powder, salt and dhal.

These items were delivered to Nacekau, Nukubalavu, Vivili, Sigasiga, Maravu Estate and Nagigi in Savusavu. On the garden island, Taveuni, visits were made to Lavena, Qeleni, Vunilagi, Qarawalu, Kanacea and Korovou.

Handing over the items at these villages and settlements, BSP General Manager Human Resources, Mr Howard Politini reiterated the Banks' support for the communities we operate in.  "The destruction we have witnessed out here has been catastrophic with many of these people being in the direct path of Cyclone Winston.  The thought behind our swift response with food rations is to allow the people some decent nourishment while they work on rebuilding their homes and villages," he reaffirmed. "More is needed to help these communities in the area of home construction, education, health and welfare."

Mr Politini also complimented the local NGOs and concerned residents who have already been out to some of the settlements with food packs commenting "we were pleased to see the caring and sharing spirit in the local communities." 

The Turaga ni Koro in all those villages visited expressed their sincere gratitude for the help.  All are now focused on cleaning up their communities and mobilising every able bodied person to pitch in.  The local business communities, mainly resort operators, were also present and lending their resources to assist with clearing the debris.

"The plight of the friendly north to resume normalcy may take some time and will require a national effort. As Fiji's leading financial services provider serving the largest number of banking, loan financing and insurance customers in Fiji, we strive to live up to our promise of giving back to community," reiterated Mr Politini.

BSP Groups' $100K Cyclone Winston assistance continues now focusing on rehabilitation programs.