Buy a Car and Make it Happen!

Date: 9 March 2015

In recognition of International Women’s Day, Bank South Pacific is offering special financing for women who want to buy cars in March.

This month, any woman who walks into a BSP branch for a car loan will have the establishment fee on the loan waived. In addition, they can choose either a free Women on Wheels clinic which helps them with basic car care tips or to sign up for a free defensive driving course.

At the launch of this promotion and in celebrating International Women’s Day, BSP Country Manager, Kevin McCarthy spoke on women leadership and empowerment.

“At BSP we value our women. We have a large number of women leaders. Their nurturing nature allows us to provide a balanced leadership,” said BSP Country Manager Kevin McCarthy while celebrating International Women’s Day.

“In a world moving to give women more equal opportunities owning a set of wheels gives freedom through personal mobility which leads to greater independence.”

“The offer is also for joint-applications for car loans where one applicant is a woman.”

All women, regardless of who they bank with, can talk to us about this offer. Approved financing will be granted to those who will direct their salaries to BSP and be receiving a steady income stream that will enable them to service their car loan. Applicants must have a clean data bureau record,

“We’re empowering women to take the leading role and own their dream car. Ladies can now feel comfortable to seek advice on cars and how to acquire one. In formulating this promotion, the women in our organisation felt that owning your own set of wheels is a strong way to empower anyone,’’ McCarthy adds.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is “Make it Happen.”

So walk into any BSP branch today and make it happen.