Bank donates computers to rural school

Date: 9 February 2015

The bank gave 10 computers to the Sawani Primary School this week with a pledge to assist the school with 10 more computers.

Speaking at the opening of the school's new computer lab, BSP Country manager Mr Kevin McCarthy, said it was important for students to learn about computers from an early age while they were at school.

Mr McCarthy also complimented the school’s chairman on the projects undertaken at the school by Army Commander Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga who is currently the chairman of the school board.

“I came to this school in 2013 as a guest for one of their functions and the state of the school almost drove me to tears, so I asked the school board and management if they could let me be their chairman so I can help develop the school,’’ Mr Tikoitoga said.

Two years later, the school now has concrete buildings, a new kindergarten, new toilet facilities, a new staff room, tiled floors and classroom equipment.
Brig Gen Tikoitoga thanked BSP for sharing their vision in giving children in a rural school setting access to quality education.

Mr McCarthy was particularly impressed with the achievements of the current board who have the vision of not only putting in place a computer class for the school but an IT Center for secondary school students in the Sawani area.

Sawani is over 20km from the main Suva City boundary.

“We hope the 20 computers will greatly assist in what I feel is a very worthy cause,’’ he added. The bank was also the pioneer sponsor of one laptop per child programme and provided 800 laptops to the Government of Fiji.


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