BSP footprint extends to include Post Fiji

Date: 28 April 2014

Our banking network has extended further to include 28 rural based Post Fiji outlets.

We are pleased to announce that our banking network has extended further to include 28 rural based Post Fiji outlets. This is in line with our commitment to the Government of Fiji's strategic development plan for Financial Inclusion.

"Today, BSP customers are able to walk into these Post Offices with their EasyCards and receive banking services such as deposits, withdrawals or a balance enquiry," confirmed BSP Country Manager, Mr Kevin McCarthy.  This is possible through the installation of upgraded BSP EFTPoS terminals at selected Post Fiji outlets.

 "With 28 post offices now also operating as BSP agencies, customers are able to do their banking in a location they trust," said Mr McCarthy. "Post Fiji has allowed us to have a consistent presence in locations that would prove non-feasible for a normal branch set up."

To complement our efforts in this area, we have empowered our staff to return to their own villages and advocate financial literacy whenever possible.  "We've seen impressive results through improved communications with Fiji's unbanked population," said Mr McCarthy.

The people of Vanuabalavu were among the first to receive help from one of their own. BSP's Head of Operations, Mere Vuinakelo, who is originally from Vanuabalavu returned to her island home for an annual vacation that quickly turned into a working holiday.

"During my visit back home, I helped a 70year old man get his first ATM card. Before this, he would leave his ATM card in Suva with relatives who would withdraw and TMO money that was sent to his account from his children serving in the British Army," recapped Ms Vuinakelo. "He had never seen his own account balance view any account transaction history."

"I am honoured to have returned home where I helped with moving passbook account holders to an electronic bank account. For my remote island home, accessing banking information through a mobile phone anytime, day or night, is much easier than waiting for that opportunity to visit a branch on the main land," said Ms Vuinakelo. "Now people can use their easycard on the island to withdraw or deposit cash at any approved Post Fiji outlet using BSP EFTPoS,"

Vanuabalavu is an emerging island economy with a bustling SME sector and BSP is proud to offer a wholesome banking solution through Post Fiji and BSP Online banking services.

BSP Financial Inclusion efforts now turn to Rotuma where a delegation will be on the island on Monday 5 May 2014 for two weeks.