Green Day at Shop N Save

Date: 16 April 2014

BSP Green day promotion heads to Shop N Save supermarkets, nationwide.

It's back! Shop N Save management and cashiers, nationwide, will be wearing Green BSP EFTPoS T shirts in support of the "green machine"  tomorrow.

Shop N Save customers will be invited to swipe their bank cards or any major credit card on BSP EFTPoS at Shop N Save  supermarkets. This is a timely promotion targeting BSP customers during their Easter shopping rush. They could win $250 cash back if they pay using BSP EFTPoS instead of cash.

Late last year, New World, RB Patel and Rajendra Foodtown participated in our Green Day promotion and trends have remarkably improved thanks to the assistance of their frontline staff. Convincing customers to choose BSP EFTPoS as the smarter way to pay has improved efficiency levels at the frontline and convenience for our mutual customers. 

This year, we have more planned promotions for BSP EFTPoS.