BSP launches VISA Debit

Date: 10 March 2014

BSP, Fiji's leading bank, achieved a milestone today with the successful launch of its VISA Debit card.  

The new card is intended specifically for customers who travel or do business beyond our borders and yet maintain their basic bank account here in BSP Fiji. Also, for those who purchase goods and services over the internet or to book hotel rooms locally.

"We are excited to partner with a globally renowned and trusted brand, VISA, to offer the BSP VISA Debit card, that allows BSP customers to access a global payment network spanning over 200 countries with over 1.9million ATMs and millions more EFTPoS terminals," said BSP Country Manager, Mr Kevin McCarthy.

BSP customers are now able to access their own funds from their nominated account locally and overseas through electronic channels that display the VISA logo.   

Furthermore, VISA Debit customers with BSP may enjoy the freedom to choose their own PIN and the flexibility to link this card to multiple accounts. We are the only bank in Fiji with ability to issue VISA Debit instantly. "I am happy to assure our valued customers that they are able to maintain their existing EasyCard and take up a BSP VISA Debit as a second card to operate an account. We are empowering our customers with a card that allows them to also conduct online shopping or use it overseas," added Mr McCarthy.

"VISA debit is not a credit card and customers using this product will not have to worry about having to settle credit card bills at the end of each month," he clarified.  People can access their own savings banked with BSP Fiji to pay for almost anything in Fiji or overseas. This is possible through this partnership with globally renowned VISA as a partner.

The physical BSP VISA Debit card is protected from counterfeiting, card skimming and other fraudulent hazards through several security measures which include the compulsory use of a PIN at ATMs or using a 3 digit card validation value found at the back of the card for online purchases.

To get a BSP VISA debit card, customers should enquire with any BSP branch or call 132 888.