BSP donates to Rotary Pacific Water Projects

Date: 3 July 2014

BSP has joined the effort to improve Fiji's national water sanitation and hygiene situation. 

Imagine a day without clean drinking water.  Unfortunately, this is the reality for many communities throughout Fiji and this week, we joined the effort to address this human right issue.

Speaking to media this week as the Acting Country Manager, our CFO, Mr Ronesh Dayal reiterated our commitment to helping Fiji grow.  "As the bank revolutionising the delivery of banking services throughout rural Fiji, we also take their challenges seriously," he mentioned.

We donated $5,000 to Rotary Pacific Water this week to assist with their plans to deliver water for life projects, with a vision to provide safer and sustainable drinking water to Fiji's rural communities. 

The foundation is involved in several  projects which include rainwater harvesting, drilling bore holes and tapping limited water reserves.

In a press statement issued by Rotary Pacific Water, BSP along with other corporate organisations will not just connect people with water but also transform their lives. BSP's cash donation will complement the support from other donor agencies and is earmarked for another 200 projects in the upcoming years.