BSP EFTPoS is a Diwali Shoppers' Delight

A Diwali Shoppers' Delight

Date: 1 Nov 2013

This Diwali, all shoppers can rest assured that BSP EFTPoS will be at all major supermarkets nationwide, readily available for customer’s convenience.
“We are pleased to acknowledge the growing confidence people are showing for BSP EFTPoS as the smarter way to pay and we continue to strive to make sure that its’ everywhere within their reach,” assured BSP Head of Sales & Service, Ms Kamini Mani.

With yet another much awaited long weekend upon us, families are sure to be planning a get together or for others, a weekend getaway. “With our largest fleet of ATMs’ and fastest growing BSP EFTPoS network, we are honoured to delight customers this Diwali by being everywhere they may need to access cash,” said Ms Mani.

All locally or overseas issued bank cards including ANZ, Westpac, VISA, MasterCard, and UnionPay are accepted on BSP ATMs and EFTPoS terminals Fiji wide.

“While fees are minimal for these services we are sure that customers will be satisfied for having access to cash during this holiday season when banks are normally closed,” commented Ms Mani.

Get yourself a BSP EasyCard to enjoy BSP EFTPoS by simply calling 132 888 and making the necessary arrangements. BSP is the only bank that issues Bank cards instantly once all pre-requisites are met.