BSP Fiji Launch UnionPay Cards Acceptance

BSP Fiji Launch UnionPay Cards Acceptance

Date: 17th September 2012

China UnionPay and the Bank of South Pacific (BSP) today announced the acceptance of UnionPay cards at BSP ATM's in Fiji. This opens the door for card holders with more than 3.1 billion UnionPay cards to be able to withdraw local currency at any BSP ATM nationwide.

Mr CAI Jianbo, First Executive Vice President of China UnionPay, Mr ZHANG Lilin, General Manager of the Agricultural Bank of China Credit Card Centre, Mr DUAN Chaoliang, General Manager of the China Construction Bank Credit Card Centre, attended the launch ceremony.

BSP were represented by Mr Tom Fox, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of BSP PNG, Mr Kevin McCarthy, the Country Manager of BSP Fiji and other executives.

Mr Cai Jianbo, the First Executive Vice President of UnionPay, said that with the expansion of UnionPay network, Chinese tourists can use their UnionPay cards conveniently in more destinations abroad, UnionPay card is becoming the common payment solution. Fiji is the world famous tourist resort, is also the Chinese favourite outbound tourism destination. The cooperation between UnionPay and BSP is based on the common goal which is providing high quality card services to the cardholders who come to visit Fiji. UnionPay would utilize BSP's market advantage in South Pacific region to deepen the cooperation with each other.

"We have recognised the recent influx of Chinese visitors into Fiji for tourism, study, business ventures and we've improved our service offerings to meet the demands of this new market for Fiji," said BSP Country Manager, Mr Kevin McCarthy.

BSP Bank is the largest bank in Fiji holding the largest branch network and fleet of ATM's making it the ideal local partner for China Union Pay.

BSP's Launch of UnionPay ATM acceptance follows UnionPay merchant acceptance which began in December, 2009; and is the first time UnionPay has cooperated with a local bank to provide this service in Fiji. 

Recently, the Government of Fiji has supported initiatives that make Fiji more conducive to China and the economic prospects it offers for the people of Fiji. These include the added convenience of direct flights between Hong Kong and Fiji and the "No Visa on Arrival" policy for visitors from China.

In addition, the acceptance of Union Pay on BSP's ATM network will also open up access for other bank customers from 26 other countries who also subscribe with Union Pay. BSP is scheduled to extend the acceptance of UnionPay on its EFTPOS network by the early October.

About BSP Fiji
BSP Bank is the largest and most successful of the South Pacific's local banks, established in 1957, with its headquarters in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. BSP has an excellent reputation and a long history of success, becoming one of the most respected banks in the Pacific. Moreover, as well as being the largest bank in Papua New Guinea; BSP are also present in Fiji, the Solomon Islands and Niue.

About China UnionPay
As a global bankcard network, UnionPay, headquartered in China, operates the national inter-bank clearing and settlement system develops the worldwide UnionPay Card acceptance network, promotes the issuance and usage of the UnionPay Card as well as other innovative payment solutions, so as to provide quality, efficient and safe payment services to cardholders. To date, the total number of the UnionPay Card issued both at home and aboard has exceeded 3.1 billion. The UnionPay network has been extended to all the cities and rural areas in China. In addition, UnionPay has enabled the UnionPay Card acceptance over 130 countries and regions through extensive cooperation with about 400 institutions around the world. Additional information may be found at: