Effective Leadership with BSP

Date: 15th November 2011

How many times have you heard someone complain about their boss?  "He's a dictator," or "she's a dragon- lady," or "he doesn't listen to me," or "she's a slave- driver!"

 The South Pacific bank, BSP is doing something about it. This week 50 of its managers from Fiji and the Solomon Islands will participate in a 3- day, intensive MBA Leadership Program.

  "Our greatest asset at BSP is our people, and investing in leadership programs leads to greater effectiveness from our high performing teams. After all, leadership is a reciprocal relationship between those who choose to lead and those who follow," said Mr Bob DeBrouwere, Deputy GM HR and Head of BSP Training.

 The MBA Leadership program, is an international program which encourages participants to explore their thinking processes using a whole brain model.  In this model, the brain is divided into four quadrants: the rational/ logical quadrant, the practical quadrant, the relational/ emotional quadrant and the experimental quadrant.

 "We are giving leaders deep insight into how they currently, individually utilise their four quadrants in their thinking processes, and they come up with strategies for strengthening their weaker thinking processes to become more 'whole brained' or 'balanced' leaders," commented course facilitator Mr Guy Sutton.

 "This program has been invaluable for me - I now realise my blind-spots, and recognise that we all have individual thinking styles. I have learnt the different leadership styles used and, realising its effectiveness, would like to practice the 'coaching leadership style' more with my own team," said Mr Sikeli Taoi, BSP Microfinance Manager.

 BSP considers its employees its greatest asset and continuously strives to up-skill them through training and development programs. The Bank also runs a secondment program, whereby employees gain international exposure through attachments in BSP's branches throughout the South Pacific, in PNG, Niue and Solomon Is. In the opening address, Mr. Ravindra Singh, GM Human Resources, BSP Fiji said "Through the continuous improvement of our high quality employees and high performing teams, BSP strives to constantly improve our customer services across the Pacific, and maintain our vision of being the leading bank in the South Pacific.