BSP Assists Sujit Kumar

Date: 5th February 2010

BSP, the new owners of the Colonial Group, stepped forward to assist Sujit Kumar with his trip to the UK for evaluation and treatment.
The assistance was in the form of GBP 1,000 and travel insurance for Sujit, his care giver Semiti and guardian Elizabeth Clayton.

"This last minute support from the BSP has come in the 'nick of time' - we had no budget at all for incidentals for our one month's stay in London. Thank you so much BSP - it is such an encouragement to our team, the community support for Sujit has been overwhelming. When he walks down the street, so many people call out his name, shake his hand, wish him well. He is at last being given the treatment that he has been denied for most of his life," said Ms Clayton. 

Sujit's story is well known as the boy who was confined to a chicken coop for most of his early years. He adopted the mannerisms of chickens to the extent of roosting on the floor in his sleep rather than lying down on a bed. His young adult life was spent in the Old People's Home anchored to a wall with strips of bed linen. It was there that Ms Clayton found him and took him to the Happy Home where he has been undergoing rehabilitation to learn human behaviour and developing normal communication skills.

Sujit will be travelling to England for consultation, investigations and possible treatment for epilepsy with world renowned Dr Robert Ewles. Dr Ewles is the Consultant in Charge at the Centre of Epilepsy at the King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Sujit leaves tomorrow Saturday 6 February and is expected to return in March.

"I want to thank BSP so much for now being part of the Sujit Story with their covering us with Travel Insurance and the amazing 1,000 pounds" said Ms Clayton.

BSP's purchase of National Bank of Fiji Limited, Colonial Fiji Life and associated companies positions BSP as a major banking group in the South Pacific. BSP is now uniquely positioned to take advantage of the growing trade and business flows between Fiji, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. 

BSP have a strong sense of responsibility to the community and will be involved with sports, health, education and other community programmes.